Treasure shove

In the early 90s a lot of times I was wakened by a shove. No one was ever there. I used to wonder if it was a ghost. Some mysterious unseen presence.  Maybe a prior tenant. I used to live down the street from the trade center. On a cobbled street a few blocks from the South Street Seaport.

I knew that the area was the original port of New York City and probably had a lot of ship wreckage wash near by in the old days. I used to try hard not to think of the many ghosts in such an ancient locale.

Now I think about it it’s also the site of one of the Titanic Memorial lighthouse and nearby is the Brooklyn Bridge.  The designer, Roebling himself  died at the start of working on it. His son continued the work but he was also injured and his wife interfaced on most of the work with and for him. Some fell to their deaths or suffered decompression sickness first called caisson disease in the building of the majestic suspension bridge and we all know the fate of most from the T.

The preserved block of buildings known as Schermerhorn Row on the southwest side of Fulton Street hark back to New York’s mid-1800s sailing ship industry. Lots of ghosts probably still walking about there.

Maybe it was Kurt Cobain’s ghost. Shoving me. I just discovered that in 1990 the original Sub Pop version of Nirvana‘s In Bloom video was filmed there. The video features Kurt, Krist and Chad clowning around inside the South Street Mall as well as Wall Street.


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